Bang Bang To Haider: Film Trailers That Instantly Blew Our Minds!

Bollywood is only getting better with the quality of entertainment the audience is receiving. From better quality performances to better films on the whole, Bollywood film are trying their best to meet international standards of entertainment. Nowadays, we have noticed that film trailers are just as important as the film itself and can be a huge factor in the film’s success after its release in theaters. The trailer is what makes fans anticipate for the film and decide whether or not to watch it. Bollywood is catching up with this trend of trailers and giving us the best of action in barely two minutes of visuals. Some of these trailers have blown us away and really deserve applause. Recently, the makers of ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Haider’ gave us a mind blowing gist of their films through perfectly good trailers.

The trailer of Bang Bang got an exuberant amount of views on YouTube just on its first day of release. In this trailer we see heavy action sequences and a power packed performance by our very own Hrithik Roshan. We see him performing greatly and making his fans proud. We also see glimpses of Katrina Kaif who also stars in this film. The chemistry between them seems sizzling, just as we see in the poster of this film. This film is a remake of the Hollywood flick ‘Knight and Day’. We see that Bollywood is really trying to catch up with Hollywood action and will do its best to match up to their standards. Judging by the attention this film grabbed after launching the trailer, we can tell that this film will do extremely well at the box office. Bang Bang is set to release on the 2nd of October and the opening of the trailer features the line ‘On the most peaceful day of the year, bullets will fly’.

The trailer of ‘Haider’ also did extremely well and has critics anticipating for the film. Shahid’s performance in this trailer really got people’s attention. His fans and the industry have never seen him in this avatar before and is very excited to watch him in this film. This film is actually an adaptation of Shakespeare’s famous literary work ‘Hamlet’. It will be interesting to watch the Bollywood adaptation of the same. This film will also release on the 2nd of October, same as ‘Bang Bang’. It will be interesting to watch which film will do better after its release.