Anushka Sharma’s role in ‘PK’ revealed

Aamir Khan plays the role of an alien in ‘PK’, a little birdie has also revealed Anushka’s character in the film. Anushka will be playing the role of a journalist who loves writing on unusual and different subjects. The story commences off with Anushka being in Bruges to complete her course in journalism. The shud Desi Romance actor sushant singh rajput plays her boyfriend and the two are in love but Anushka cannot marry him because of various obstacles in her way. Her interest for ‘unusual news’ brings her to India where she meets PK aka Aamir Khan. PK belongs to a different world and has landed up on Earth in the search for God! Anushka Sharma and Pk then pair up and go in the search of all the answers. Anushka Sharma has been offered many different roles recently. Even in Bombay Velvet her look and role is very distinct from the usual ones.

Bombay Velvet is an upcoming Hindi movie drama film directed and co-produced by Anurag Kashyap, based on historian Gyan Prakash’s book Mumbai Fables.  It is the story of the struggle and rise of an ordinary man named Johnny Balraj, played by Ranbir Kapoor and of how the city of dreams Mumbai becomes the backstage of emotions, love and greed for money, hatred, violence and jazz music. The romantic thriller unfolds the story of Johnny and his love interest Rosie, played by Anushka Sharma who is an aspiring jazz singer and how their aspirations and dreams keep clash with their individual personalities. Karan Johar plays an antagonist. A film about jazz clubs, a crazy love story and greed to become rich followed by many scandals and opportunities, failures all this comprises of how Bombay emits the notion of being all glamorous and velvety and hence the title Bombay Velvet.

The “Rab ne Bana de Jodi” actress Anushka Sharma will be seen dazzling in 140 dresses designed by famous designer Niharika for her upcoming movie Bombay Velvet. The plot of the movie sounds very interesting and so does the 140 dresses designed for Anushka. It is reported that Anushka has been given a retro look and therefore the film makers have not left even one stone unturned to give Anushka the perfect retro look. Niharika is an award winning designer and she has also designed costumes for famous movies like “The Dirty Picture”. It is also reported that Niharika Khan has designed a good 35kgs dress for Anushka Sharma and the actress is spotted sporting that” O So Heavy Dress” in a scene where is in a club and behind the mic signing for her audience. The Actress confirmed that it took her hours to get dressed for that shot. The actress had a cupcake party with the entire cast and crew on the last day of the shooting. She stated that she wanted to celebrate every moment she spend making this film as it is her first home production. The movie Pk is due for release on 18th December 2014.


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