Finding Fanny is in trouble again

After the elimination of the virgin dialogue from the film which stirred a controversy, Finding Fanny again has found itself in legal soup. In the Delhi High Court on Tuesday a petition was filed demanding a ban on the release the due to the use of ‘’fanny'” which is regarded vulgar. The PIL filed by NGO Jai Jagriti Foundation and Nandini Tiwari through their lawyer said that the word “fanny” was a slang and it should be discarded from the movie and the songs. According to Tiwari, who is a mother of a four-year-old, said such words in films and television will corrupt children’s minds.

Finding Fanny Movie Poster

Two years after the film that hit the box office Cocktail, director Homi Adajania is back with bang and a idiosyncratic misadventure; this time about a dappled crew looking for a postman’s lost love through Goa. The Hindi and English versions of Finding Fanny movie will hit the theatres on September 12, across India and in various 40 international territories, which form the exodus markets targeted by most main stream Bollywood films. The film makers believe that Homi Adajania, the director has made a outstanding global film that will be accepted in any market. “The difference between the two versions is just three-four minutes and not a complete re-edit. This English version will be cut by Nick Moore to cater to that audience,” Director Homi Adajania said in a statement.”It’s the same story but will be told in a way that the firangs understand better,” he added.

The English and Hindi versions of Finding Fanny will hit theatres Sep 12. The film Finding Fanny is presented by Fox Star Studios, and there also are plans to set the film out in a separate edited version of Finding Fanny in non-exodus markets – Europe, the US and the Far East – three to four months after its September release.  Moore has directed impressive and outgoing films like Wild Child (2008) and Horrid Henry: The Movie (2011) but is better known as the editor of The Full Monty (1997) which bagged him a BAFTA nomination, Notting Hill (1999), About A Boy (2002) and Love Actually (2003).

Finding Fanny is a forthcoming Hindi/English satirical, drama film, written and directed by Homi Adajania and produced by Dinesh Vijan under Maddock Films baner and presented by Fox Star Studios. The film Finding Fanny features Naseeruddin Shah, Dimple Kapadia, Pankaj Kapur, Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor in prominent roles. The film is based on an adventurous road trip set in Goa and links and follows the journey of five characters. The film is scheduled for release on 12 September 2014.

Finding Fanny revolves around the main five rather lost and dysfunctional characters that live in the whimsical sleepy village of Pocolim, dwelled deep in the interiors of Goa, India. Pocolim is a village where pointless and stupid conversations are a way of life feeding the life of the people. Nothing ever realistic happens here and the people of Pocolim, well, they just exist for the sake of it. One night, the old postman Ferdie , character played by Naseeruddin Shah, receives a letter that is slipped under his door. He then realizes that it was the letter he had written to the love of his life 46 years ago, Stefanie Fernandes character played by Anjali Patil, asking for her hand to marry her. To his utter shock and dismay, he discovers that had the letter had never been delivered. All these years the post man Ferdie has lived a life of regret, believing that his love Stefanie had rejected him. He then decides to find his beloved Fanny and tell her the truth. The movie Finding Fanny is a comical story and an off the wall story about a bunch of oddities who venture out to find this girl Stefanie Fernandes (Fanny) and in the process, they discover a unique and strange sense of love and solace amongst each other, and end up seeing a point back to their previously dull and pointless lives.


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