Fawad Khan, Indian cinema’s hottest new pinup guy

Along with his stylish stubble, penetrating gaze and sculpted jaw, Fawad Afzal Khan is surely difficult to miss in a crowded room. He is undoubtedly one of the very charming actors around whose female fan base is just going on expanding by the day – but what is Fawad really like? Earlier referred to as the sexiest Pakistani import in Bollywood, Fawad stole audiences hearts as Zaroon in ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ and he’s had us hooked ever since.

Fawad, who makes his Bollywood debut with ‘Khoobsurat along with B-town’s fashion icon Sonam Kapoor’, is familiar with the impact his looks have left on his female supporters. Fawad tells us that he is extremely flattered to know how much women adore him.

“What do I say? I’m really flattered. It is amazing, surprised and also speechless by how things are unfolding for me. I like the warm reception that I have received in India.” And does he know he is also envied by the other men for obvious reasons? “Men are jealous of me, seriously? I think I had heard the opposite! If men are jealous of me because I’m able to get a chunk of attention, which they can’t, then I don’t think I can do much. But I thought I was able to encourage them to express their opinions too. I thought, throughmy shows, I was motivating everybody. Now if they all are jealous, should I be flattered or shocked? Will something terrible happen because of this?” he says.

Born in 1981 at Lahore, Fawad Khan spent his early life in Greece, Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom, and returned to Pakistan when he was 12. And as he adds, adjusting to the new life in his own hometown was a bit difficult. “It was as difficult as it would be for anybody else. Since I had kept on visited different countries, I came back to Pakistan with varied experiences. So yes, I too had my own share of difficulties. But with time, I made friends. So now, I don’t remember what happened during the first 11 years of my life. When I came back I was named a bargar bachha (the foreign returned kid),” he laughs.

And had Fawad not met his wife, he could have achieved his dream of becoming an astronaut. “Even as a kid I was very ambitious. My choices would often change. But after I completed High School, I decided to become an astronaut. Since I was determined about it, I had even applied for aeronautical engineering degree. But dropped the idea when I got to know I had to stay away from my family. I’m so very much attached to my family that I get home sick very easily. Since this was also the time I met my wife Sadaf, I wasn’t convinced with the idea of traveling away from home,” he adds.

When he was asked about the political mess Pakistan has been caught in, with the PM Nawaz Sharif confirming his decision not to resign despite the protests against his rule, Fawad Khan says, “Honestly, I don’t know how people would interpret this but I’m very ill-informed when it comes to the politics and current affairs. And I also make an effort to keep away from it. I think the power of change lies in people. I’m an extremely non-violent person and prefer those who aren’t argumentative.”


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