Sanjay Leela Bansali makes biopic Mary Kom

Mary Kom is going to be many talked about film inside 2014. Sanjay Leela Bansali’s committed biopic based on one globe champion boxer off Asia, Mary Kom, is going to be circulated in September this year. Plenty are talked about the appearance of Priyanka Chopra within film. It is said which she’s inside go thru rigorous physical classes towards this one film, rather than exclusively which this girl is injured as soon as, during the the girl training training.

A lot has been said about Priyanka’s role in this film which is woman centric and depicts women empowerment. She fights the whole terminology of gender stereo types by her performance and by telling the story of  Mary Kom struggles and achievements through this film. People always associate the sport of boxing with masculinity. This film is set to reset people’s mindsets and thinking to be open to the idea of women not only getting into something like boxing, but excelling in it She sets an example to the world that women can achieve anything if they set their minds to achieve it.

The director also seemed very pleased and stated “After a long time there has been a frenzy of this sort surrounding the release of a poster. It felt good to hear all the fabulous comments. We had to live up to people’s expectations with the teaser also. I think we succeeded in doing so. Now we have the trailer of  Mary Kom Reviews coming up. I am very excited. It’s been a long wait for me. I can finally showcase my work to the world.” Well yes, the poster is really eye catching and raw. Priyanka looks astonishingly stormy, fierce and tempestuous. She resembles the boxer very closely. The color of the poster, her expressions and not to forget Priyanka’s cuts and pumped up biceps…Very Impressive!! Hats off Priyanka. In real life Mary Kom has also has started India’s first female-only fight club at Imphal to teach thousands of girls to defend themselves against sexual violence in India.

Before your, ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ had been one other biopic that was over prosperous each with the audience while the package-workplace besides. Our had been a biopic regarding the known athlete Milhka Singh. We could identify it Bollywood is appreciating all laurels won simply by sportsmen to the nation with honoring these with one biopic. We’re yes all efforts might motivate additionally inspire remaining sportsmen to-do much better and also excel at their efforts to be the best. Mary Kom is set to release in the fifth out of September this present year what co-incidentally occurs become similar date of launch of ‘Dawaat-age-Ishq’ starring Priyanka’s relative Parineeti Chopra to newcomer Arjun Roy Kapur. It is worthwhile towards see assuming this biopic will be worth ones buzz then winnings on box-office. People wish their efforts of creating two divide versions associated with the film works of them.


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