Why Anuksha Sharma likes Virat Kohli?

The World of Cricket and Cinema in India is very similar and close , and as Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have shown , a little too close . Just like Bollywood celebrities , cricketers are among the hottest trending topics on the minds of the people . Cricketers and Bollywood personalities have a lot of things in common such as unaccounted fame , loads of effort , criticism and appreciation to all extremities and ofcourse as rewards , public love . Big bucks is also a heavy similarity among the professionals in both Cricket and Bollywood .

Virat and Anushka sharma

When the news of Anushka Sharma having a relationship with Virat Kohli came out , it spread across the country like wildfire . Mostly because of the fact these two are currently among the most loved people in their own fields and in general too . It was a slight shock at first as both have extremely different fields of expertise and tight schedules and heavy amounts of work , how did the two get together.

When the question of why Anushka likes Virat Kohli pops up , a lot of justifiable answers rise up too along with it . Anushka is seen as a sparkling diva of  bollywood and Virat is among the hottest sensations of the Indian cricket team . In her Bollywood career also , Anushka has also worked with all the best actors out there from SRK to Ranveer Singh to Shahid Kaporr and also Akshay kumar . So , she has had her fair share of being with the guys in demand in today’s times . Hence , it can be easily said that no guy is too good for her and she knows a good guy when she sees one .

Another huge reason for Virat and Anushka to be a good match , is the fact that Both share each others interests . Everybody obviously likes bollywood and Anushka also has a great respect for sports and has so far gone to say that her kids will grow up to be sports persons , which is some statement of intent already . Anushka and Virat have been spotted together almost everywhere either one them travels , which proves they love keeping each other company .

Currently Anushka is in England , supporting India and her beau Virat during the ongoing India vs England series . Apparently they are staying together too , but Virat seems to be getting to interested in Anushka and the runs required from his bat are currently not flowing as freely as they should be . However love can be a good habit which takes time to settle in , and since both are heart throbs of the nation , a little relaxation away from the pressure is not that bad .

The best thing about these two is that , professionalism is a part of their work ethic , and a good understanding between them will ensure both to excel in their respective fields in the future and also in the area of Love .


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