Latest releases in August

1. Its entertainment: Its Enteraintment is an upcoming slapstick comedy film that promises more fun and laughter than ever with worthy messages. This movie conveys beautiful message about humanity and the difference between human nature towards greed and unconditional love of animals. We all are aware that dogs are known for their loyalty and unconditional love and many of our Bollywood celebs own and love their dogs. Akshay Kumar’s forthcoming entertainer titled Its Entertainment has a Golden Retriever dog, who is not just some pet in the film, but plays a parallel lead with the star Aksha Kumar, to such an extent that this film is named after his character.

2. Singham Returns: Now it’s time for the Singham Returns to be remade in Tamil and Telugu. The problem till date with our cinema has been easily transactional because most of Tollywood’s remakes have arrived way before Bollywood directors have brushed them.

Indian masses have praised, appreciated and grooved on the brutal, honest and fierce super police officer Bhajirao Singham in Rohit Shetty’s film Singham in 2011. It’s now time for its sequel, you heard it right. Rohit Shetty and his favourite action hero Ajay Devgn are back with Singham Returns promising double the fun and entertainment. The film is already doing the rounds but to add the hotness quotient they have Kareena Kapoor as the lead lady. Bebo who is amazingly hot and gorgeous will be playing the lead along with Ajay Devgn in Singham Returns movie. The dashing duo launched the very trailer of this fun- action-loaded flick along with director Rohit Shetty on Friday July 11 at an event. Ajay Devgn is back in his glorious Khaki uniform and will be seen knocking some mean villain rears and also romancing his lady Kareena Kapoor. While Kareena Kapoor will be seen playing the character of a Maharashtrian girl and she has even learnt Marathi for this film.

3. Mardani: The film casts Rani as Shivani Shivaji Roy, an insightful and a foxy cop working at the Mumbai crime branch unit. Shivani sets the sail on an enslaving hunt for a girl and what leads to a cat and mouse trap between a ruthless mafia kingfish and a fearless cop. The character is apparently based on a real lady police officer who busted several child trafficking cases in the city. The movie drifts into the dark and desperate world of child trafficking and straggles between Mumbai and Delhi. The film also has some spine-chilling dialogues to add the tone of the scornful trafficking world. The movie is based on child trafficking, apparently, inspired from high-profile human trafficking cases. While the makers of  Mardaani Movie are calling it to be a piece of fiction, but there is a stroke of reality in every scene. Rani Mukherjee carries the fierce-cop guise and attitude quite finely from chasing buses to running after criminals to wiping blood off her face, she does it all deftly. The plot of this movie is focused on Women empowerment, the story is written by Gopi Puthran, Directed by Pradeep Sarkar, and is under the Yash Raj Banner. Mardani looks like a typical Bollywood flick, full of banality. Mardani is scheduled to release on 22 August 2014. We can expect some new Bollywood Masala from this movie and belive that Mardani might beef up Rani’s career.


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