Priyanka got Hollywood make-up artist Mark Garbarino to give an “oriental look” for Mary Kom

Priyanka Chopra will be seen in the forthcoming biopic ‘Mary Kom’.In this film she plays the role of a boxer Mary Kom, who worked hard to become a champion in boxing. Her look in this film has grabbed a lot of attention and has people talking. She needed the oriental look for playing this character in order to look authentic. Priyanka Chopra hence roped in international make-up artist Mak Garbarino for her look in this film. And from the posters and the trailer we can say that he has indeed done a commendable job with Priyanka’s make up.

Mary Kom Movie Poster

In the poster we see Priyanka in a never seen before avatar. She is seen in a very rough and toughened look in the poster and looks like she could knock any opponent down in a boxing ring. Such is the story of boxer Mary Kom who trained herself to be the best in the world of boxing and won laurels in the Olympics, thus making us proud several times. As nice as it sounds, her journey was not an easy one and she aced many troubles on her way to becoming a champion. Such is the story that will be depicted in this film. Priyanka took this role as a challenge and gave it her best shot. From the trailers, we can say that her performance was worth her efforts. Priyanka has always chosen challenging roles and it’s no surprise that she got this role. Her roles in ‘Barfi’ and ‘7 Khoon Maaf’ also garnered a lot of critic acclaim.

We are sure that Priyanka’s performance will bag her several awards post the film’s release. Priyanka once sustained an injury on her face during a shot. The director chose to keep this scar and have it retouched by the makeup artist to look deeper. We will see this scar on screen during the film. Through this film and the story of  Mary Kom Movie the filmmakers attempt to inspire a few. The field of boxing si generally associated with masculinity. This film goes against this stereo type and gives us a true story about how a woman succeeded in this male dominated sport. It is nice to see filmmakers focus on making bipoics like these as it can inspire upcoming sports stars to do better and excel in their field.

Upcoming movie Mary Kom releases on the 5th of September. The real life champion boxer saw this film with her husband before its release and was very pleased with it. She broke into tears as a few scenes got her emotional. She then called Priyanka Chopra and congratulated her for pulling off the role so well. This tells us that this film is going to be a huge hit with the audiences and at the box office. The best part of this is that Bollywood is getting variety in its movies. Now along with the usual romantic comedies and entertainers we have a genre of film that gives us much more than that.


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