Rohit Shetty’s Singham 2 has a Patriotic Flavor

After super hits like the Golmaal series, Singham, All the Best and Chennai Express the explosive personality Director Rohit shetty is back with another blockbuster looking movie, the sequel of his 2011 record breaking Singham. This sequel of the movie is to have a Patriotic flavor and because of that the release date too is the most patriotic one 14 August, the movie will have Baji Rao Singham taking down a “dhongi baba” but what makes his task difficult is the popularity and influence of the Swami ji on the masses.



A politician becomes a catalyst to their ongoing cold war as Singham is assigned to protect him while the Swami ji has a sinister plot to eliminate him and hence the both are forced to go head down against each other. Also to clear the wrongly perceived fact that this is a remake of the Tamil movie Singham 2, no it is ABSOLUTELY NOT. This is an original script of Rohit Shetty Movie Singham Returns seems to be a box office hit already with its trailer being showered with likes and comments of fans throughout the country. This response is quite understandable, firstly the Director has never seemed to have failed in entertaining his audience, secondly the prequel of the movie had off the charts rating and thirdly it has an amazing star line up with experienced actors like Anupam Kher who plays an honest politician (I wish this was reality), Amol Gupte who (the director of Hawaa Hawaai) will be seen playing a character with shades of grey just like the one he had played in Kaminey just that his villainous plans will be under the wraps as he plays a popular Swami ji, next you have Daya the famous C.I.D officer who plays Ajay’s sidekick and will be seen doing his regular job of knocking down doors but this time on the big screen (that is such a big promotion), then we have Kareena Kapoor who plays the funny Maharashtrian mulgi and is the female lead and also the love interest of  Baji Rao Singham, last but not the least there is Ajay Devgan who retains his character of  Baji Rao Singham from Singham 1, just that he is more aggressive and stronger in this sequel and why shouldn’t he, the guns have become bigger and action has become tougher.

Yes it may seem to be a very seriously action packed movie but it does have elements of comedy which come from the inputs of the hard working Kareena Kapoor who in the movie has been given the responsibility of making the audience laugh (indeed it is a tough job).

The trailer has attracted quite a lot of audience who are eagerly waiting for the next Rohit Shetty movie after Chennai Express after all everyone wants to see those dramatic action sequences with the cars flying in the air more than the villains (so typically Rohit Shetty) and the super angry cop who brings justice in the end.


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