Expendables 3 – Action packed with Action stars

This is a reunion of all the action stars up till now, comparing the last 2 series this movie has a hell of a star cast. The dream team consists of Sylvester Stallone who has the famous award winning series of “Rocky” and “Rambo” to his fame plays Barney the head of the Expendables team, next is Jason Statham the hero of “The Transporter” series who plays Lee Christmas the knife expert of the team, Jet Li the combat expert was dropped in Expendables 2 but has been retained again meaning we get to see more hand to hand battles of Yin Yang, next is Dolph Lundgren the only volatile member of the team, interestingly Dolph and Sylvester had earlier starred together in “Rocky 4” where Dolph had unintentionally injured Sylvester so badly that he had to be kept in the I.C.U, anyways the next name in the list is Randy Couture as Toll Road who is the demolitions expert of the team while the weapons and ammunition expert is Terry Crews (both of them have been part of all 3 series).

Expendables 3 Movie Poster

While the above was the old team, the additional new team consists of Antonio Banderas the actor of “Desperado”, “Spy Kids” and “Legends of Zorro” who in this movie plays the role of Galgo an expert sharp shooter, then is Doctor Death (Wesley Snipes) the famous actor who was seen in the “Blade – Trilogy” he happens to be one of the original Expendables, next up are the young expendable recruits which have Kellan Lutz as John Smilee a former Navy Seal, Luna played by Ronda Rousey who in the movie is an athletic nightclub bouncer, Glen Powell who plays the role of a combat veteran and hacker by the name Thorn and lastly there we have Victor Ortiz playing the role of a sharpshooter who goes by the name Mars. We also have the legendary Harrison Ford as Max Drummer and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Trench Mauser who will be appearing in the movie in guest appearance.

The cast is so attracting that no matter what the story be, it will attract a large number of public. Also the trailer is equally pleasing and amazing at the same time. The trailer gives a perfect idea about the amount of action the audience can expect, crashing trains, flying dirt bikes, bulldozed buildings and the Expendable 3 special trademark the thrash plane which has ammunition enough to take down any other object and turn it into thrash (kind of funny thrash turning other things to thrash). The movies storyline has Mel Gibson playing the villain, the movie shows him as a ruthless arms dealer who used to be an Expendable. The action begins when Conrad Stonebanks (Mel) kidnaps some of the young Expendables and threatens to kill them until his demand of having Barney isn’t met. The movie seems to be amazingly superb and maybe it might be the best in the series till now. The Patrick Hughes movie releases on 15 August in India.



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