The royal ride for misfits in Khoobsurat

The forthcoming film Khooburat is set to take the audience on a royal ride, a ride with misfits is what the film promises us. The filmmakers kept the audience guessing as they gave us teasers of the trailer and posters as well. After much guesses, the final fully fledged trailer of this film released. Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan play the lead role in this film. This film is actually a remake of the original 1980 film ‘Khubsoorat’, starring Rekha in the lead role. The filmmakers have ensured that the 1980 film will be remade and presented to us in tethers with a twist and we quite agree after watching the trailer of this film.

In this film Sonam Kapoor plays the role of a physiotherapist who enters into the abode of a royal family. She finds herself to be out of place as her mannerisms and thinking were way out of line as compared to that of the royal family. The plot gets interesting as she meet the prince and they gradually fall in love with each other without realizing it. From this we conclude that this is a royal love affair between two people of different mindsets.

The male lead Fawad Khan is actually a famous Pakistani actor who has an established career across the border. This film will mark his debut in the world of Bollywood. The actor is blessed with good looks and already has a fan following as clearly seen on social networking sites. It is nice to see actors from different nationalities venturing into Indian cinema. His performance in this Movie Khoobsurat will mark the beginning of his Bollywood career and will be a big deciding factor for his future in the industry. He has also actively been a part of the modeling industry and he also happened to be a major part of a band before his acting career took off. Such a talented actor is one to watch out for.

Sonam’s look in this film is just as loud as the personality of her character in this film Khoobsurat. It will be nice to see Sonam being free in terms of her look as this fashion diva is always top notch when it comes to playing dress up otherwise. The name of her character in this film is ‘Milli’. We are yet to see if she receives more recognition than Rekha for her role in the original film. It will be interesting to see whether this film is more successful than the original version. Recently we’ve seen many filmmakers’ filming remakes of hit films. Most of them have failed at the box office and with the audience. I hope this film doesn’t disappoint critics and the audiences. A romantic comedy is what we have been promised.

The trailer of this film seems fun and interesting. The dialogues seem quirky. We just hope that all of this translates to the film on the whole and we get the entertaining romantic tale that we have been promised.


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