Daawat-e-Ishq is a love story of a salesgirl who falls in love with a cook

Daawat-e-Ishq is an upcoming Bollywood movie with an element of romance. This film stars Parineeti Chopra and Aditya Roy Kapur in the lead roles. The film depicts the romance that takes place between individuals belonging to different cultures. In this film Parineeti plays the role of a Hyderabadi girl while Arjun Roy Kapur plays the role of a Lucknowi boy. The trailers and posters of this film promise to give us the filmy romance we have always loved to watch on-screen. Bollywood fans are in for a romantic treat with this film.

Parineeti Chopra plays the role of a girl from Hyderabad who works as a shoe sales girl. The male lead of this film, Aditya Roy Kapur plays the role of a Lucknowi chef. Summarizing it, this love story tells us about how a shoe sales girl fell in love with a chef. The title of this movie Daawat-e-Ishq actually means feast of love and this seems like a promising enough hint to have Bollywood fans go and watch the film.

The actors have been actively promoting the film. Recently we saw them on an Eid special episode titled ‘Daawat-e-Eid’ on a Zee T.V show. The actress Parineeti performed on a dance sequence with television actor Karanvir Bohra. The actors seemed to have become good friends over practice sessions of this performance. The actor said, “When I first met her I was glad to have met a girl who has an amazing sense of humor. While the two of us got along really well, I wish I could have had my wife meet her too. I’m sure my wife would have got along equally well with her. None-the-less, it was great fun to be shooting this Eid special. I wish everybody a very Happy Eid and hope everybody enjoys a delicious Eid with Dawaat-e-Ishq releasing around the same time.”

It will be nice to see the chemistry between this new on-screen Jodi. The duo was also seen at an event to launch the title track of their film. At this event they also pulled off a live singing stint. They sang the title track of this film in front of a live audience. A lot of actors have taken to singing in the recent past. While other actors like Shraddha Kapoor and Alia Bhatt sang an accrual song in the film, Parineeti and Aditya were happy with this small stint. Recently we also saw super star Salman Khan sing two songs for this film.

The song titled ‘Hangover’ was much loved by his fans. It was a very groovy romantic song with catchy lyrics. The song had a western twist to it. It will be interesting to watch how this film will fare at the box office. This film is set to hit the theatres on the 5th of September, same as Mary Kom and we should expect a lot of competition between them, even though they belong to two separate genres of movies. We hope we get whatever was promised to us from the trailer of this film.


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