Mardaani tribute to the women police force of our nation

The film Mardaani is set to take us on an experience that is more than just entertaining. The makers of  Mardaani Movie have taken the decision to incorporate a social message in this film; in fact they have based the whole film on a story that fights against a social crime. In this film we will be exposed to all the problems that have been created in society due to the grave issue of female trafficking. Rani Mukerji plays the lead role in this film and her character is that of a fierce cop that fights against this social issue. From the poster and the trailer of this film, we see Rani in a completely new avatar and this change is refreshing. It will be interesting to see Rani in this new role which is not only challenging but also like an inspiration to others.

Mardaani Movie Images

The police force of our nation now has a number of women working fearlessly under them just as strong as any police man. Rani’s character shows exactly this and gives an inspiration to the women of this country who would like to join the police force sober or later. It also encourages the current women in the police force to be better at their work and to go forward without any fear. This film therefore appreciates the spirit of women in the police force and supports them in every way.

This film also diminishes the gender stereotype that says that women can’t successfully be a part of the police force. Another film that does the exact same thing in a way is ‘Mary Kom’, starring Priyanka Chopra. In this film, Priyanka plays the role of a champion boxer that won laurels and made us proud at the Olympics. People usually associate the profession or sport of boxing with masculinity but with this film we are inspired to think different and accept the fact that women can excel at such sports. This film actually revolves around the true life story of Mary Kom and her struggles through the journey of success.

While Rani plays the character of a cop, we will also see Ajay Devgn playing the character of a cop in the forthcoming film ‘Singham Returns’, which is the sequel to the film ‘Singham’. It will be interesting to watch which cop will make it big at the box office. ‘Singham Returns’ has taken a step further and appreciated the efforts f cops through a video they recently released. This video showcases policemen talking about their life and dedication towards their profession. It’s a very heart touching video that helps the common man relate to this profession.

We can see that Bollywood is the mood for making films that are not only entertaining but have as social value on the whole. Respecting the efforts put in by the police force to keep citizens safe in the city and going against gender stereotype is what we get from these films. Rani is very excited to give this tribute to the women in the police force.


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