Rani talks about self defense technique

Rani Mukerji is making a come-back with the film ‘Mardaani’. The last film that we saw her in was ‘Talaash’, in which the actress played a supporting role. After giving outstanding performances in films like ‘Black’, Rani’s magic on screen has slowly faded away. This does not question her acting skills, but her presence in movies. Now with the release of Mardaani, Rani is ready to take the lead again as she plays the strong and fierce character of a cop in this film. This film focuses on the issue of female trafficking and fights against it.

Mardaani Moview Wallpaper

The first poster of Mardaani showed the actress giving a stern look as she held a gun in one hand. Rani received a lot of positive response from this poster. The second official poster of this film has been released and again it showcases Rani’s character holding down a goon. To support this, the filmmakers have posted a video on a popular social networking site. This video showcases Rani talking about self defense techniques. This video starts with a line that says, ‘The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. This is a very motivational video that helps women prepare themselves for unfortunate situations.

Rani Mukerji expressed her thoughts about playing this role in an interview as she said that she was proud to be a huge part of such a noble cause that encourages society to fight against social evils. In an interview she also expressed her love for acting as she said that acting was her main priority and that she chooses to always stay dedicated towards it. She also mentions her decision to stay connected with her fans by keeping her maiden name and not changing it to ‘Rani Chopra’.

The actress has been away from the glare of the media for quite a long time now. Tabloids speculate that this could be the effect of her marriage to Aditya Chopra. As we know, Aditya Chopra is very reserved when it comes to the media and does not like attention from the limelight. She has only made a few public appearances on account of promotional activities for her movie ‘Mardaani’. Her husband Aditya also happens to be the producer of this movie. This in fact makes it a perfect comeback movie for Rani. Along with having an ultra fierce and challenging role, she also got to work with her husband. Rani and Aditya got married far away in Italy, away from shutterbugs. When asked about their decision in doing so, Rani replied saying that it was her husband Aditya Chopra’s idea to have a hush-hush affair. We hope this film turns out to be successful and that Rani’s career gets a boost after this film. Mardaani refers to masculine power and the very fact that Rani Mukerji plays the lead role in this film suggests an evolution in thinking and good efforts put in by the filmmakers to empower women and fight against the evil that goes against women in society.


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