`Mardaani` an action-packed film by Pradeep Sarkar

Mardaani is indeed an action packed film. This film presented to us by Pradeep Sarkar is set to take us on a power packed ride with its lead actress Rani Mukerji. This film is considered as Rani’s comeback as she has been away from the limelight for quite some time now. Rani who was always known for giving quality acting performances, has been away from movies for a long time now. This movie will mark her entry into the world of Bollywood again.

This movie revolves around tackling the grave social problem of female trafficking. Rani Mukerji plays the role of a cop in ‘Mardaani’ that will not stop at anything to stop this social problem. In this film Rani has performed a lot of actions scene that were done all by her. Rani’s efforts really came out fine as the directors mentioned in an interview. They said that Rani sustained an injury during a shoot and her toe was bleeding profusely. Rani refused to give up and went on with the shoot, despite the pain she was going through. This shows Rani’s dedication to her acting career. She even mentioned in an interview that acting is her main priority and she would not give it up, come what may. She also said that she has decided to stay connected with her fans as she will not change her name to Rani Chopra. In her opinion a change in her name would not go down well with her fans and they will only accept her as Rani Mukerji.

Rani recently got married to Aditya Chopra, who also happens to be the producer of this film. In an interview Rani said that she would like to expect soon. This gave a reason for tabloids to jump to the conclusion that Rani is already expecting her first child with husband Aditya Chopra. She also said it was one of the main reasons she got married so she could start a family. Although these are just mere speculations, the tabloids seemed to have blown this out of proportion. They also took account of Rani’s wardrobe choices at her recent public appearances and alleged that she’s pregnant.

Critics are expecting a lot from this film and are also hoping that Rani gives a breakthrough performance in this role. Another actress who will be seen in a dominating role is Priyanka Chopra as she takes on the role of Mary Kom in her forthcoming film tiled by the same name. This film revolves around the life and struggles of a champion boxer who made it big and won laurels at the Olympics. It looks like both these leading ladies will have a tough battle for winning the best actress award. While one is a biopic about a boxing champion, the other is about a cop who is headstrong. It will be interesting to watch which of these woman centric films will make it big at the box office ethis year. We hope that Rani shines through with her performance in this film.


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