Gorgeous Kareena Kapoor in Singham Returns

kareena Kapoor in Singham Returns

Kareena Kapoor will soon be seen in ‘Singham Returns’, which is the sequel to its original film ‘Singham’. In this sequel we will see Kareena kapoor play the character of a Maharashtrian girl, a role we haven’t seen her play on screen before. Her look in this film is not ultra glamorous, but yet the actress manages to look effortlessly beautiful in this film as we can see in the poster and the trailer. In the poster we see her pose with Ajay Devgn wearing cool shades and a white vest. She looks extremely stunning in this poster. In the trailer we see her wear an Indian Outfit and she looks equally stunning.

In Singham Returns, since Kareena had to play the role of a Maharashtrian girl, she had to learn the language so she could give dialogues fluently. The actress chose to speak and interact with her Maharashtrian friends to gain more knowledge about eh language and get it perfect so she could deliver the dialogues fluently. We have never seen Kareena play such a role before. In the film ‘Jab We Met’, we saw Kareena play the character of a Punjabi girl and she managed to do complete justice to it. Let us hope she does the same with her character in this film.

We will also see Kareena driving an auto rickshaw for one particular sequence in this film. Although it is only for a minimal amount of time, Kareena expressed that she completely enjoyed the experience. The actress seems very excited for this film to hit the theatres. Her chemistry with actor Ajay Devgn is also set to sizzle on screen. We have always seen Kareena take up challenging roles and this indeed has bettered her acting skills and help her get better in her career as an actress in Bollywood.

We hope to Kareena play a leading role in a film soon though there are no reports of the same as of now. She did great with her previous film ‘Talaash’. The actress still has a lot more to learn in the industry and she can only get better. Her sense of style has always been the talk f the town and is very trendy. Her fan following is dedicated and she has no complaints in terms of receiving appreciation from the audience in any of her films.

It will be interesting to watch how Singham Returns fairs at the box-office this year. It has created a lot of hype through posters and a trailer. About six posters of this film were released officially by the filmmakers. All of these posters were action packed and gave us a hint as to what we should expect from this film. The trailer was mind blowing and does show us glimpse of gorgeous looking Kareena. We hope her character in this film appeals to her fans and critics. Rohit Shetty promises never seen before action sequences in the sequel of Singham which is set to hit the theatres on the 15th of August this year.


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