Mardaani expected to be a super success

With so many upcoming releases, Bollywood fans and movie critics are enjoying what they are being served. Some movies manage to win hearts of the audience while others fail miserable as they don’t seem entertaining enough. In the end we have more movies coming in that keep us on our toes. While other filmmakers make entertainment their priority while filming a movie, there are some films that are made to fetch far more than an audience just waiting to be entertained. One such movie is the upcoming release titled ‘Mardaani’.

Mardaani revolves around the grave social issues caused by female trafficking. The main purpose of this film more than entertaining is to spread awareness about this issue that needs immediate attention from society. The crime department was very pleased after knowing that this film has such a great social message and is not keen on just plain entertainment like other films these days.

Rani Mukerji plays the lead role in this film. Her character is that of a female cop who is fearless and will stop at nothing to eradicate this particular social problem. From the movie poster we see that Rani Mukerji has a character in this Mardaani movie that is fierce. Her expression in this poster says it all. Her look in this film has zero glamour and minimalistic make up as required to portray her role. She also plays the role of a house wife. Either way this film demands Rani to look as simple as possible.

Recently at a promotional event Rani expressed her thoughts about the film and said that she is proud to be such a big part of a film that is aimed at helping society in some way. Rani has stayed away from the shutterbugs for quite some time now. The actress recently married Aditya Chopra in a hush hush affair. The duo decided to get married far away from the limelight in Italy. This marriage ceremony was only attended by family members and close friends. Many personalities from the industry were shocked to know about their sudden marriage. In an interview Rani said that it was her husband Aditya’s idea to get married away from all the media attention and as we can see, she gladly agreed.

It seems like Rani has put in twice the effort into her performance as an actor for this film as this will she is featuring in a film after a very long time. This makes it a comeback film of sorts and we know that Rani will give it her best shot. The success of this film will be a big deciding factor in reigniting Rani’s acting career which has been idle for quite some time now. This will also be the actress’s first film venture after marriage, In an interview Rani clearly stated that her acting career comes before everything and is her main priority. Considering this, it is safe for us to assume that this film will turn out to be super successful.


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