Sonakshi Sinha’s hot avatar for Music Video with YO YO Honey Singh

We are in for a super surprise, this time it’s from our very own Sonakshi Sinha. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the actress who is about to feature in a music video by Yo Yo Honey Singh. Her first look in this video has been revealed. This came as a pleasant surprise to fashion critics as she looks refreshingly different. She looks sizzling and simmering hot in this new avatar and her fans are in for a big surprise.

Here, we see her wearing hot shorts in sexy black. This is teamed up with a sporty biker jacket. She is also seen wearing a few accessories that perfectly glamorize this look. This look of hers was complete with an open pair of black stilettos that add to the glamour quotient; it also has slight golden detailing to it. It looks like the actress is ready to shed the modest Indian beauty image that she has been carrying for a long time now.

We must say that Sonakshi Sinha has put in commendable efforts to lose all of the extra weight she earlier had. She took intense exercise and fitness training to achieve her new found physique. Sonakshi used to be a little over weight in her earlier days. Before she joined the film industry, she was the opposite of glamourous, often seen in tracksuits and plain casuals. When she joined the industry, she lost her excess weight to fit into the image required for starring in Latest Bollywood Movies, also to suit her roles.

Now with this new avatar, it looks like she has lost even more way and it seems like she’s looking better than ever. In this new ultra slim look Sonakshi shows off her toned legs in ultra short pants. A source tells us that this look is very inspired by that of Jennifer Lopez in her music videos. It’s a hip-hop inspired glamourous look. It has also been reported that she will be sporting crop tops and cool biker jackets in this video. In this video she will be playing the love interest of rapper YoYo Honey Singh. This video will also include a car chase sequence.

Sonakshi is not the only actress who lost weight to fit in Bollywood. Surprisingly, fashionista and actress Sonam also used to be overweight before she dedicated herself to fitness and turned into a diva that is known for her style sense. Though the Indian audiences love curvy women, the efforts taken by these much loved divas is commendable.

It will be very interesting to watch Sonakshi she her usual avatar and turn into a sizzling hip-hop diva. We are yet to see if this video has any effect on the roles she gets offered o play after this video is released. This video is a little different as it holds many songs from his latest album, like a mash up. This video has been shot around the beaches and desserts in California and will have an international appeal to it.


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