Ajay Devgn Singham Returns to fight black money menace

So, the supercop is back in town, and how! Ajay Devgan reprises his iconic role of Bajirao Singham in the sequel to his 2011 money spinner, Singham. This one, like the original, is directed by ace filmmaker Rohit Shetty. But unlike the original, which showed the battle between Singham and the local goon-turned-politician, this one focuses on the burning issue of black money in the country. Talk about perfect timing! There has never been a more appropriate time to talk about black money, than now.

Bajirao Singham, in his own swashbuckling, jaw punching, gravity defying style, will eradicate the problem of black money. Says a source associated with the Singham Returns Movie, “The issue of black money is in the news now more than ever. So, the audience will easily connect with it.” However, there are question marks over Rohit Shetty’s ability to tackle a serious issue like this one. Because even though the issues he highlights are very much real, his solutions for the same, are not so real. And no, flying cars are not the solution to a corrupt politician, or black money.

Kareena Kapoor in singham returns

Also, in a weird portion of the trailer, the entire Mumbai police is shown to be ‘protesting’ against the government, by not wearing their shirts! I kid you not. Thank God Bajirao decided that pants are not a part of the police uniform. The entire Mumbai police personnel in just their briefs, would have been weird.

So, basically, this time Singham takes the Gandhigiri route to root out the problem of black money. If only this movie would have come out last year, Arvind Kejriwal would have got some insights as to how to fight the menace of black money.

Amole Gupte plays the antagonist in the movie, which, in a way simplifies things. How difficult would it be to beat a villain who, wait for it, makes kiddie movies? God, I miss Jayakant Shikre already. In one scene, a bomb explodes near a group of reporters. We can only surmise that this is Shetty’s way of getting back at all the journalists who have consistently trashed his films in their reviews. Will this scare reviewers into finding merit in Singham Returns?

Kareena Kapoor Khan replaces Kajal Agarwal as Ajay Devgan’s love interest. And no, we are not even expecting an explanation for the switch. We’ll just pretend as if Kajal Agarwal never happened. Wait, its actually a pleasant thought. This movie is releasing on Independence day. The patriotic theme of the movie, coupled with crowd pleasing dialogues, will surely go down well with Rohit Shetty’s target audience. 100 crores certainly. In the first weekend.

200 crores after a week. Overall business, 300 crores. That’s our prediction for this one. As it is, Rohit Shetty movies have become a staple diet for Indians these days. Whether or not we want to watch it or not, like a national holiday, we just flock to celebrate it, and this movie will not be an exception. The film has been co-produced by Ajay Devgn Films, Rohit Shetty Productions and Reliance Entertainment. Singham Returns opens on Independence Day, 15th August.


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