Mardaani is Rani’s do-or-die attempt to comeback

The acclaimed actress has been out of sight for quite some time now. The last time we saw her onscreen was in the film ‘Talaash’. Even in this film, she played a supporting role and was not the lead actress. Two years is a long time for an actress to be out of the spotlight. Now, two years later she is all set to make a comeback of sorts with the upcoming film ‘Mardaani’. The actress has high hopes for this film and has given it her best shot. It would be interesting to see if this turns out to be a successful comeback.

Rani was also busy with her recent marriage to Aditya Chopra. The duo flew down to Italy to tie the knot. This was a very secret affair as only close family and friends attended their marriage ceremony. It was her husband Aditya’s decision to celebrate their union of marriage far away from the shutterbugs. It seems like Rani instantly agreed to this decision of his. However the actress chose to keep her maiden surname as she feels that her fans will not be able to relate to her as ‘Rani Chopra’. She expressed this decision of hers as she said, “I love my name and I will keep to that. For my films people know me as Rani Mukerji and they will always know me by that name. Personally, when I admit my children in school that time there will be change of surname. But for my fans it will always remain ‘Rani Mukerji’”.

In this attempt for making a comeback, Rani plays the challenging role of a female cop in the film. The posters reveal that Rani will don a tough avatar. The glamour quotient for her character is as good as nil. Rani seems focused on her acting performance more than anything else for this film. It seems apt considering the social message the movie is to give. The movie revolves around the grave social issue of female trafficking. Rani seems happy that through her role in this film she can shed some much needed light on social issues that require immediate attention.

The actress has been away from the public eye, as the sets of this film were strictly guarded by security. The actress finally made a public appearance for the promotion of this film. She was seen at this event wearing a stunning red ensemble and went on to speak about her film and also gave us subtle hints about her new married life. Now a married actress, Rani has taken a firm decision to keep acting as her main priority. She expressed this though as she said,” I hope to work till I take my boots off. You can’t take away the artist out of me ever. I will have to play different roles like that of wife, in the future that of mother. The most significant role I think I am known for is that of an actor and this is something that is not going to change”.


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